CARTRE Thematic Working Groups

The EU-funded Coordination and Support Action CARTRE accelerates the development of clearer and more consistent Automated Road Transport (ART) policies of EU Member States in collaboration with industry players. CARTRE advances joint stakeholder fora and facilitates the exchange of data, experience and evaluation frameworks for ART technologies. To create a solid knowledge base, CARTRE structures research outcomes by eleven thematic working groups. They explore enablers of ART and formulate position papers. Their initial findings were presented at the First European Conference on Connected and Automate Driving.

For more information about the thematic working groups contact

Sytze Kalisvaart

Tel: +31-88-866-5576

Meet our Thematic Areas and their Moderators

Policy and Regulatory Needs, European Harmonisation

Armin Gräter


Socio-Economic Assessment and Sustainability

Sami Koskinen


Safety Validation and Roadworthiness Testing

Alvaro Arrue


User Awareness, Societal Acceptance and Ethics

Olivier Lenz


Digital and Physical Infrastructure

Risto Kulmala


In-Vehicle Technology Enablers

Roland Galbas


Big Data, AI and their Applications

Sytze Kalisvaart


Production and Industrialisation

Eckard Steiger


Human Factors

Anna Schieben



Maxime Flament


New Mobility Services

Adriano Alessandrini

University of Florence

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Members of the Thematic Working Groups

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