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The project built the first car-to-X communication cooperative traffic control centre. There were 500 participants that over 41,000 hours tested 120 vehicles, including several motorcycles, and drove over 1.65 million kilometres. The simulation showed that by using the simTD functions the speed and distance behaviour of the driver is positively influenced, so that driving safety and efficiency are increased. The suitability and compatibility of WLAN and connection via mobile was proven and the underlying concepts proved viable. Some of the advantages of the car to x communication included the undetectable scenarios such as intersection visibility or vehicles approaching around corners. The rapid detection of traffic via control centres resulted in improved knowledge of the situation and the ability to reduce journey times. In total the potential saving of car-to-x technology has been estimated at €6.5 billion from avoiding road accidents and a further benefit of €4.9 billion from reducing congestion saving time and emissions. Lastly the users of the simulator have become advocates for the technology and would be willing to provide anonymous data to the network.

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