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Connecting Europe Facility TRANSPORT

SCOOP@F is a Cooperative ITS pilot deployment project that intends to connect approximately 3000 vehicles with 2000 kilometres of roads. It consists of 5 specific sites with different types of roads: Ile-de-France, “East Corridor” between Paris and Strasbourg, Brittany, Bordeaux and Isère. SCOOP@F is composed of SCOOP@F Part 1 from 2014 to 2015 (ongoing) and SCOOP@F Part 2 from 2016 to 2018. Its main objective is to improve the safety of road transport and of road operating staff during road works or maintenance. SCOOP@F Part 2 includes the validations of C-ITS services in open roads, cross border tests with other EU Member States (Spain, Portugal and Austria) and development of a hybrid communication solution (3G-4G/ITS
G5). SCOOP@F Part 2 will cooperate with ongoing European pilot projects and the EU C-ITS platform. The project aims at reaching a critical mass in the number of tested vehicles, roads and services, in order to provide a representative evaluation of C-ITS. It also stimulates collaboration between automotive manufacturers and road operators, the exchange of best practice and innovation in solving common problems.

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