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The SAFE STRIP project is introducing a disruptive technology that will embed Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) applications in existing road infrastructure.

SAFE STRIP system will implement two complementary as well as alternative solutions: one to address equipped vehicles (namely, intelligent vehicles with on board sensors and C-ITS or automation applications) and one to address non-equipped vehicles (the great majority of current vehicle fleets, including also vehicles that are very difficult to equip with rich on-board sensorial platforms, like Powered Two Wheels).

The vast potential of SAFE STRIP will be demonstrated through applications for:
• Cooperative safety functions for enhanced Advanced Driver Assistance Systems /Advanced Rider Assistance System equipped and non-equipped vehicles,
• Road wear level and predictive road maintenance,
• Road work zones and railway crossings warnings,
• Merging/intersection support,
• Personalised Variable Message Signs’/Variable Direction Signs’ and Traffic Centre Information,
• Dynamic trajectory estimation and interface to automated vehicles, whereas it will open a new channel to a vast array of
• Supportive added value services (such as Virtual Toll Collection and Parking booking and charging).

These are among the most challenging applications, ranging from C-ITS to autonomous vehicle ones. They do not cover all potential SAFE STRIP enabled applications but they prove that SAFE STRIP is flexible, cost-effective, C-ITS compatible and able to support most of the ITS present and future applications.

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