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Research On Alternative Diversity Aspects foR Trucks

ROADART is optimising the integration of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) communication units into trucks to boost their safety on the road.

Due to the size of a truck-trailer combination the architecture as applied to passenger cars is not possible. New architecture concepts have to be developed and evaluated in order to ensure a sufficient quality of service for trucks and heavy duty vehicles. The EU-funded project aims to demonstrate the road safety applications for truck-to-truck (T2T) and truck-to-infrastructure (T2I) systems under critical conditions in a real environment, such as tunnels and platooning of several trucks driving close behind each other. The demonstration use case will be a cooperative adaptive cruise control (C-ACC) allowing the trucks driving close behind each other.  In order to reach this goal, the control units implementing the C-ACC will be developed and integrated into the trucks together with the communication units. All the proposed techniques will be extensively evaluated through simulation using the realistic, measurement-based ROADARD computer models.

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