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The main objective of InDrive (Automotive EGNSS Receiver for High Integrity Applications on the Drive) project is to develop and demonstrate innovative close-to-market applications, which are heavily relying on accurate and high integrity satellite navigation. To achieve the full potential of advanced satellite positioning, an integrated solution starting from low-level signal processing to high-level data fusion will be proposed to get a continuous probabilistic positioning of high integrity.

InDrive will demonstrate the future use of mass-market GNSS, targeting automotive applications with high demands for integrity by creating a framework that specifies the requirements for data acquisition, signal tracking and data fusion in order to guarantee the proper handling of positioning data. This approach introduces an innovative integrity framework, allowing the applications to comply with their specified false alarm rates.

The innovation of this project is to leverage EGNSS localization for automated manoeuvres in automotive applications. In order to meet the requirements for each of these use cases we will introduce a technology for innovative confidence computation. By implementing this approach we can guarantee the compliance of the use cases in terms of false alarm rates and accuracy.  The idea of applications with different demands on integrity is shown in the following image. Within the red area, safety critical applications, as emergency breaking will operate. The extension to the yellow area will meet the requirements for warning based applications with lower time to collision demands. The green area represents the informative applications, like traffic or weather information.

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