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Big data analytics are being applied to a wide range of applications domains, including those in charge of controlling critical real-time systems, challenging the need not only to efficiently processing extreme amounts of complex data, but also processing it in real-time.

CLASS aims to develop a novel software architecture framework to help big data developers to efficiently distributing data analytics workloads along the compute continuum (from edge to cloud) in a complete and transparent way, while providing sound real-time guarantees. This ability opens the door to the use of big data into critical real-time systems, providing to them superior data analytics capabilities to implement more intelligent and autonomous control applications.

The capabilities of the CLASS framework will be demonstrated on a real smart-city use case in the City of Modena, featuring a heavy sensor infrastructure to collect real-time data across a wide urban area, and three connected vehicles equipped with heterogeneous sensors/actuators and V2X connectivity to enhance the driving experience.

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