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ITS WORLD CONGRESS: Integrated Mobility Driving Smart Cities


From October 29th to November 2nd was possible to witness self-driving car demonstrations takings place in the city of Montréal thanks to the 2017 ITS World Congress that was taking place in this Canadian city. Montréal hosted one of the most relevant events in the field of Intelligent Transportation and was an excellent opportunity to bring together the intelligent transportation community from all around the World.

The ITS World Congress 2017 was produced by ITS America in conjunction with ITS Canada and co-organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe and ITS Asia-Pacific with the objective to bring together global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems.

High level speakers such as Canada’s Minister of Transport gathered to discuss the future of mobility, tackling topics of safety, users experience, access and reliability aiming to pave the way to innovation in the transport field and the transformation of mobility.

The Smart Cities Pavilion and the exhibit floor were some of the main features of the World Congress, and were prepared to showcase technology at the core of intelligent transportation, autonomous and connected vehicles, and infrastructure improvements that have Intelligent Transportation as a central point. Five cities (Montréal, Quebec (Canada), Columbus, Ohio (USA), Christchurch (New Zealand), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Singapore) participated as exhibiting communities.

Special session were dedicated to Connected Automated Driving and had a significant number of attendees showcasing the increased interest on the topic. Some of the session focused on data collection,standardization and deployment of automated vehicles.

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