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Winter Horizons in Automated Driving


With winter coming up and much of European infrastructure being put to standstill by snow and ice, a research project by Finnish CARTRE partner VTT has successfully achieved a new milestone for automated driving. Their research vehicle ‘Matti‘ recently was the first car to drive on a road covered by snow and ice (see video). These conditions made automated driving more difficult, as no clear road markings are visible for the car’s sensors.

Despite these limitations, the car also broke speed records, as leading engineer Matti Kutila points out: “It probably also made a new world record in fully automated driving, making 40 km/h in a snowfall on snow-covered terrain without lane markings. It could have had even more speed, but in test driving it is programmed not to exceed the limit of 40 km/h.”

The VTT project was executed within the framework of the Aurora project.

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