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Welcome to Connected and Automated Driving


This platform brings together more than 60 organisations under the lead of the European Commission to support the European Union’s ambition to remain a leader in the field of connected and automated driving. It will allow the creation of a solid knowledge base of all European activities to structure research outcomes.

The European Union funded CARTRE and SCOUT projects will support a lively and fruitful exchange between stakeholders involved in promoting connected and automated driving all around Europe. This is highly needed in a fast-moving world where the European Union leads the race together with countries all around the world, in particular China, Japan and the Unites States.

An international conference will be organised in Brussels on the third and fourth of April 2017. This will bring the occasion to showcase state-of-the-art and the advancement of the European technology sector.

The CARTRE and SCOUT projects are committed to involve the wide range of stakeholders working in moving connected and automated driving in Europe further. A key activity of the support actions is to initiate and a nourish a diverse, lively and fruitful exchange of information and views in the scope of connected and automated driving in Europe. The discussions will be coordinated around ten thematic interest groups, such as for instance policy and regulatory needs, in-vehicle technology enablers, new mobility services and shared economy, as well as users and societal acceptance.

A quarterly newsletter (add link to newsletter registration) and this web platform will provide you with the latest updates on the mobility of the future and guide you through the world of connected and automated driving.

We look forward to support the community to move connected and automated driving in Europe further. Join the community!

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