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VEDECOM autonomous shuttles in Versailles


VEDECOM celebrated on 10 December 2019 the first anniversary of autonomous shuttles service in Versailles (Satory district). The self-driving shuttles serve the last kilometer for employees working at Satory’s Allée des Marronniers, which is an open road. During the first year of autonomous shuttles service, the vehicles traveled over 10,000 km on open roads in France.

With exactly 10,463 kilometers traveled, the autonomous shuttles of VEDECOM (called in French: Framboise et Litchi) are now part of the landscape on the Satory area. 4,533 passengers have been carried, without incident, at a maximum speed up of to 18,997 km/h. 81.5% of users of the service said they were completely satisfied with provided service. EZ10 shuttle vehicles are operated by VEDECOM Tech, VEDECOM and Paris-Saclay region, and operated by Transdev. This is a first service of autonomous shuttles perception which is being used on public roads in France.

The self-driving vehicle services serve the purpose of:

  • providing improved mobility for passengers by daily guaranteeing serving the “last kilometer” of a public road,
  • contributing to the research for which they serve as a useful tool for observation and research.

Read the full article in English or French.

Photo Copyright @ VEDECOM

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