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UK Consultation on Smart Infrastructure on its way


Until the end of this month, the UK Department for Transport will run a public consultation on remote control parking and highway assist systems. The consultation seeks comments by experts and by the general public on a list of proposed amendments to the UK legislative framework, especially the motorway code. It can be directly accessed here.

Jesse Norman of the Department for Transport underlines the positive impact of assisted parking and motorway driving on safety, mobility and environmental efficiency. “Without necessary provision and regulatory change, these technologies will not be able to be utilised on British roads effectively. On the international stage, new standards incorporating this technology, along with increased scope for motorway assistance systems, came into force in October 2017; Great Britain must be ready to adopt these to ensure a smooth transition to increasingly automated vehicles. Your comments are invited.”

Sarah Hill of legal consultancy RPC writes about the consultation: “A rolling programme of reforms in this area [of connected and automated vehicles] is planned with close industry involvement. This approach aims to facilitate the introduction of innovative technologies to strike a balance between enabling their intended use while also ensuring safety and certainty for all road user. … The consultation emphasises that the intent behind the proposed reforms is to provide clarity on the appropriate use of such technology.”

This British consultation is a follow-up to a similar exercise on automated driving technologies, which was concluded in February last year. This consultation resulted in a governmental paper on the pathway to a driverless future in the United Kingdom.


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