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TomTom launches Level 5 autonomous vehicle together with Volvo


One of the leading global digital map providers, TomTom, has launched its first autonomous test vehicle in collaboration with its partner Volvo.

The corporation has now equipped with a Volvo XC90 its first own car with full level 5 autonomy, allowing TomTom the special usage of Volvo’s drive-by-wire system. The vehicle is equipped with eight laser scanners at the front, back, and side of the car, stereo cameras and six radars on the front and back, and GPS and mobile antennas – adjustments made to enable 360-degree situational awareness of the car’s environment, including resulting data referenced against its HD maps.

TomTom is commonly known for its satellite navigation devices and the support of power services such as Uber, Apple or Microsoft. Simultaneously, it produces navigation data and high definition (HD) maps as it aims to supply and improve connected and autonomous cars. HD maps offer a more precise picture of the surrounding setting, including lanes, geometry, and traffic signs, enhancing the total three-dimensional awareness.

Test routes will include the roads around Berlin and are designed to enhance HD maps as well as “roadagrams”. These “roadagrams” are small parts of road data taken from the vehicle’s cameras and sent to the cloud to keep the HD maps at its latest status. Moreover, the trails aim to improve TomTom Autostream, which is necessary to obtain the latest map updates from the company’s cloud.

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Photo copyright: TomTom

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