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European User-centric Innovation Projects at the EUCAD 2019


Taking place just one month before European elections, EUCAD 2019 will convey a strong message to citizens: their acceptance is key to the success of CAD. We highlight three EU projects, which engage final users in technological innovation and services and share this common goal.

AUTOPILOT will propose an outdoor demo, in which some of the partners (Eindhoven University of Technology, HUAWEI, NEC, VICOMTECH, Technolution, and TNO) will showcase one of the use cases: relocation of driverless vehicles in the urban environment. The demo shows how VRU detection could be utilized for safely maneuvering an automated vehicle through crowded areas, including its warning system and perception technology developed within the project.

ENSEMBLE¬†will be part of the special session nr. 6 “Freight and Logistic” at Charlemagne building during the morning programme and then presented at the AUTOWORLD Museum in the evening.

CONCORDA will be present at the AUTOWORLD Museum with a static screen demonstration of some of the project use cases.

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