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How to plan FOTs for automated driving: the 7th Version of the FESTA Handbook


FESTA (Field opErational teSts supporT Action) was a project that included a consortium of European experts with a wide range of skills to allow the development of “best-practice” handbooks which guided the design and implementation of Field Operational Tests (FOT) in several areas. In December 2018, the 7th version of the FESTA handbook was published with a focus on possible ways in which FESTA can be used in projects on testing and evaluating connected and automated vehicles. With this Handbook, updated by the CARTRE Coordination and Support Action, the reader gets an insight in the process of planning, preparing, executing, analysing and reporting an FOT. Additionally, it gives information about aspects that are especially relevant for a study of this magnitude, such as administrative, logistic, legal and ethical issues.

FESTA was a project which received funding by the European Commission and which ran from November 2007 until May 2008. Objectives of the project included the validation of the effectiveness of ICT based systems and functions for safer, cleaner and more efficient transport in a real environment, an analysis of driver behaviour, user acceptance and impact of intelligent safety and efficiency functions using real data.

You can consult Version 7 of the FESTA Handbook here.

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