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Singapore schedules driverless last-mile shuttles


This week, the government of Singapore announced that it will deploy autonomous busses in three new districts of the South Asian city state. In the coming five years, driverless shuttles are expected to take over the last-mile transport of Singaporeans. This is part of wider-ranging plans of the city for automated transport, which also include truck platooning, campus shuttles and driverless road sweepers, as reported by local newspapers.

As a first step, the government opened a testing centre in cooperation with a leading university of the country. At this occasion, the responsible minister underlined the contribution of automated driving to enhanced mobility: “We expect that the autonomous vehicles will greatly enhance the accessibility and connectivity of our public transport system, particularly for the elderly, families with young children, and the less mobile.”

The Singaporean test centre will be open to start-ups and established transport companies as well as to governmental agencies. This is expected to prepare a smooth roll-out of the technology by 2022.



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