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New scientific publications on automated driving


Over the past week, several new publications on automated driving have been published for an academic and expert audience.

Gereon Meyer, who is also the programme coordinator for the SCOUT project of the CAD initiative, co-edited a book on Road Vehicle Automation. It presents the conference proceedings of the 2016 Automated Vehicles Symposium. The book presents information on public sector activities, the human factor, ethics and legal matters as well as on technology development. Abstracts of the contributions in the book can be read here.

David Block and Richard Raustad of the University of Central Florida’s Solar Energy Centre, published an extensive analysis of the implications of connected and automated driving. They placed specific emphasis on the impact that the development can have on electrified driving. They find that due to the electro-mechanical nature of technology for automated driving, electric propulsion is likely to dominate future transportation. Their full study, commissioned by the US Department of Transportation is available here.


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