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New roadmap on automated driving


The European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) has presented its new roadmap on automated driving at the 12th ITS European Congress in Strasbourg. The EU-funded CARTRE and SCOUT projects have provided extensive support for the realisation of this roadmap. The document aims to provide a joint stakeholders view on European automated driving in Europe. The roadmap starts from common definitions and a listing of available technologies, and then identifies the challenges for the implementation of higher levels of automated driving functions. For different vehicle types, different developmental paths are outlined.

The joint presentation from the Congress can be found here: 2017-06-20_SIS14_Roadmap Presentation ERTRAC and CARTRE

The roadmap describes automated driving as one of the key technologies and major technological advancements influencing and shaping our future mobility and quality of life. ERTRAC defines safety, efficiency, comfort, social inclusion and accessibility as the main drivers of this development. They argue that automated driving must therefore take a key role in the European Transport policy, since it can support several of its objectives and societal challenges, such as road safety, congestion, decarbonisation, social inclusiveness, etc. Because of this, the document takes a bold stance on the timeframe for automatisation:

Automated driving should be understood as a process taking place in parallel and possibly in integration with other important evolution of road transport: the electrification of the powertrains, and the multiplication of mobility offers, especially shared mobility concepts. This roadmap for Automated Driving therefore contributes to the long-term vision of ERTRAC for the transport system. In one sentence: in 2050, vehicles should be electrified, automated and shared.”

As a European Technology Platform, ERTRAC gathers experts from the industry, research providers and public authorities. The first “Automated Driving Roadmap” of ERTRAC was issued in July 2015 and requested a complete update to cope with the many developments that happened since then. The new version presents updated definitions and development paths, an updated list of EU and international activities, and an extended list of R&D challenges.


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