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ITS World Congress 2021: Experience future mobility now in Hamburg


Global transport is facing challenges when it comes to service delivery. Governments are stepping up efforts on climate change, and city authorities are looking for ways to innovate through times of crisis, to balance passenger transport flows and the freight traffic essential for business and residents’ supplies. Citizens everywhere require reliable, affordable and personalised transport that meets their own needs and demands.

Fortunately, intelligent transport services (ITS) is enabling us to address these challenges. Automated and connected transport is showing its potential to improve the quality of life, reduce fatalities and enhance the mobility and independence of millions. Smart traffic management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) can significantly cut transport’s greenhouse gas emissions. Major changes in the quality and availability of data are bringing new solutions, businesses and business models.

The next ITS World Congress, will be held in Hamburg from 11 to 15 October 2021, and will bring together leaders, developers and decision-makers from the automotive, public transport, IT, mobility, logistics and telecommunications fields to exchange ideas on the mobility solutions of the future. New solutions and services that will benefit cities and citizens will be presented during the event.

Hamburg mission is very similar to the conference’s theme, Experience Future Mobility Now. Hamburg has been using AI and other digital technologies to improve traffic flow, and has been engaging in several ITS initiatives with the goal of achieving a ‘smart city’ status by 2050.

The programme in Hamburg includes sessions about CAD, MaaS, intelligent infrastructure, solutions for cities and citizens, complemented by an exhibition area and live demonstrations for a first-hand experience of the mobility of the future.

For more information visit here.


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