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Indian government reluctant to move on driverless cars


Debates on automated driving are not constrained to Europe. The Economic Times, an Indian newspaper, reported today on a backlash against automated driving on the subcontinent. The minister for roads and transport stated that there will be no driverless cars on India’s roads in the future. His reasoning was based on the socio-economic consequences of automated driving: “Today, you see millions of jobs are being created in the transport market by truckers and taxi aggregators. Such technology will make millions jobless.

The Indian decision represents a minority position in the global context. Smart mobility solutions are tested and supported in cities worldwide. The United Arab Emirates recently stated to move forward on automated driving. The trilateral working group brings together stakeholders of the CAD initiative with their Japanese and US-American counterparts. Opposition to automated driving is rarely stated in similar socio-economic terms to the Indian example.


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