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“Impacts of automated transport on cities: How to discuss and study impact mechanisms”


Researchers from ARCADE consortium partners: Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds¹ and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.² developed a paper entitled: “Impacts of automated transport on cities: How to discuss and study impact mechanisms”.

The authors: Yvonne Barnard¹, Satu Innamaab², Pirkko Rämäb², Gillian Harrisona¹ present work coming from CARTRE and ARCADE projects. “This paper focuses on three main topics: the impacts that automated transport may have on cities in different scenarios, the impact mechanisms, and the methods to develop and discuss impact paths.”

The paper was presented by Yvonne Barnard at the ERSA congress “Cities, regions and digital transformations: Opportunities, risks and challenges” which took place in August 27-31, 2019 in Lyon, in a special session organised by Yves Page (Groupe Renault): “Assessing impacts of automated driving and automated mobility”.

You can download the paper here, or visit the website.

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