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Humanist VCE to Host its Biennial Summer School


Humanist Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE) is a consortium of members consisting of universities, research institutions and research intensive companies. Established in 2007 in Lyon, France, Humanist aims to be a Virtual Centre of Excellence in four specific areas: Human Machine Interaction (HMI), Human Behavior in Traffic, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Vehicle Automation. Members of Humanist are active within these areas as well as the interactions between. All activities exhibited by the association is determined by the needs and interests of its members. This generally consists of scientific and strategic publications in conferences, books and thematic journals; supporting its members in elaborating European scientific research proposals in the area of human centred design and coordination and participation in European projects relevant to their research topics.

Humanist is hosting its biennial Summer School on 9 July in Lyon, France. This theme for this year is “Human Factors issues and the autonomous car challenge”. The HUMANIST Summer School 2019 aims to provide in depth insight into the research surrounding Human Factors issues linked to the autonomous car challenge. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for young and senior researchers, as well as PhD and Professionals to network, interact and share ideas. All of the lectures, practical exercises and discussions allow active participation of participants while sharing recent developments in HUMANIST research areas and new methodologies. Plenary sessions are led by key European actors sharing concepts, methods and issues relating to autonomous vehicles and include practice exercises, allowing participants to test and to apply.

Please click here to read more on our own events page and to register to join the HUMANIST Summer School 2019.

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