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How do automakers perform with their self-driving car timeline?


In the recent years, the top 11 car manufacturers have created timelines in order to announce the release of their automated vehicle. Based on the original article, here is a summary of predicted timelines based on facts and CEO quotes, that have been estimated in order to launch automated cars. To what extent were they able to meet their target?

General Motors: In 2017, GM planned to be the first mass producer of fully automated vehicles. However, it seems like it will not be able to meet its target, needing an undefined amount of time beyond 2020.

Ford: In 2017, Ford announced to offer Level 4 automated driving by 2021. As GM, Ford had to back out. Nevertheless, it expects to launch a self-driving car fleet by 2021.

Honda: In 2016, Honda predicted to launch self-driving cars by 2020 on highways but will not meet its objective neither.

Toyota: In 2015 Toyota hoped to launch Level 4 vehicles on highways by next year, however, it backed out as well.

Renault-Nissan: The automaker aims for autonomous cars in urban conditions by 2020 and for truly driver-less cars by 2025.

Volvo: Volvo works on the launch of Level 3 vehicles by 2021.

Hyundai: In 2016, Hyundai announced to target automated driving for the highway in 2020 as well as urban driving in 2030. It is currently working on it.

Daimler and BMW: Both companies have similar target: Nearly fully autonomous by early 2020’s, Level 4 cars should be released by 2024.

Fiat-Chrysler: It expects self-driving technology on the road by 2021.

Tesla: Mr Musk predicted self-driving cars by 2017, however, he currently aims at launching by the end of 2020.

To sum up, in 2016 industry leaders expected autonomous vehicles to be common place on highways in the early 2020s. The industry does not seem to be ready yet, machine learning projects turned out to be more difficult than expected. However, it is expected that in major city people will be able to hail some form of automatic car ride in less than a decade.

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