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How connected car technologies can help reducing COVID-19 spread?


Gartner, a research and advisory company, in a press release launched on 29 June 2020, identified  in-car technologies that can help mitigate spread of COVID-19. Gartner expressed that: “Car manufacturers should focus on four specific areas to help lessen the risk of infection to car occupants. These areas include disinfection, possible detection of contagion and maintaining social distancing.”

“The new normal set by COVID-19 will clearly influence how people travel. The fear of infection is starting to drive some travelers away from public transport placing a greater emphasis on private cars and shared mobility services. However, even within these, individuals want reassurance against contagion and several technologies are being put in place in response to that need”, said Pedro Pacheco, senior research director at Gartner.

Gartner explained the four primary areas of focus should be:

  • cabin disinfection,
  • cabin air purification,
  • connected car functionalities, and
  • human machine interface.

The company also expressed ultraviolet lights in car cabins can be used to disinfectant frequently touched surface, and recommends functionalities like automated door locks and starting or stopping the engine through mobile apps to reduce more contact.

To read the Gartner press release, click here.

Picture: IoT news

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