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Final event of AUTOPILOT project


On 6 February, the EU project AUTOPILOT held its final event, featured prominent guests and showcased the services developed in the course of the project at the facilities of mobiLAB and PSA Motorsports in Versailles (France). The demonstrations included automated valet parking, automated driving in an urban environment and platooning. The event attracted over 200 attendees from Europe and Asia.

The results of the AUTOPILOT project highlight how IoT can improve automated driving by:

  • improving road safety through detection of vulnerable road users and detection of obstacles,
  • enhancing traffic fluidity through route optimisation and parking spot detection,
  • increasing of driving comfort by adaptation of the speed for smoother navigation and manoeuvring (without sudden braking),
  • reduction in the consumption of power and fuel through optimisation of the journey, notably by reducing the time spent in traffic jams or for looking for a place.

“The results of AUTOPILOT have confirmed the potential of the IoT to develop a new generation of mobility services and, more broadly, to understand mobility as a service. This project is contributing to the deployment of the European Commission’s strategy relative to connected and automated cross-border corridors, as well as the objective of reduction to zero fatal road accidents by 2050” stressed François Fisher from ERTICO and AUTOPILOT Project Coordinator.

The mission of AUTOPILOT is to bring together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and the IoT value chains in order to develop IoT-architectures and platforms which will bring automated driving towards a new dimension. AUTOPILOT IoT enabled autonomous cars are tested in real conditions in Finland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and South Korea.

Official press release of the event. Find more information on the final event here.

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