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Stakeholder Workshop: From Space to Earth & Back


Autonomous mobility experts are at the forefront of space standardisation development. Space technologies provide a unique opportunity to make its system safer, efficient and more accurate. On 24 June, CEN-CENELEC hosted a workshop titled “From Space to Earth and Back: How standards can support space applications for Europe” to discuss how standards can support space applications for Europe.

The interactive workshop brought together experts from different industries to discuss how standardisation can support the European space industry and reinforce Europe’s autonomous access to space. To address the issue of standardisation, CEN-CENELEC has created a Joint Technical Committee 5 ‘Space’ (JTC 5) with seven working groups. The purpose of the JTC 5 is to create European standards to support the implementation of space projects at the EU-level.

Of interest to the automotive community is WG1 on Navigation and Positioning receivers for road applications. The first objective of this WG is to provide a reliable, representative and affordable testing methodology for GNSS-based positioning systems. The series developed to test these systems allows for comparisons to be made in a laboratory environment, accurately representing reality. This type of standard helps to define the approval process and allows manufacturers to choose the best GNSS receiver for the intended final application.

Because the space environment leaves no room for chance, standards play an essential role in the manufacturing, assembly and operation of products that are created for the purpose of collecting data from space. Due to the unique opportunity to make systems safer, efficient and more accurate, space technologies and data can play an integral role in the development of autonomous technology.

Read more about how space standards can support space applications for space.

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