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European Commission underlines its commitment to the CAD Knowledge Base


In September 2019, ARCADE launched the Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) Knowledge. The CAD Knowledge Base collects information on CAD from a broad network of stakeholders to offer a one-stop shop for knowledge and experiences from Europe and beyond.

After the successful establishment of the CAD Knowledge Base, the European Commission has praised its essential role in fulfilling the promises of the Declaration of Amsterdam:

With its establishment, the European Commission provides a means of exchanging knowledge and best practices on CCAM, as requested by the EU Member States in the Declaration of Amsterdam on connected and automated driving” (Ludger Rogge, Policy Officer at DG RTD).

Furthermore, the European Commission reiterated its commitment to the CAD Knowledge Base with a blog post of Patrick Child, Deputy Director DG RTD, on the newly opened CAD VIP Blog (read the post here).

The CAD Knowledge Base is the central link between the ARCADE project and the European Commission’s Single Platform for open road testing and pre-deployment of cooperative, connected, automated and autonomous mobility (CCAM Platform). The CCAM Platform involves a network of over 300 experts from the field, among them representatives of the EU Member States.

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