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EU Member States Initiate Large-Scale Automated Transportation Tests


During a meeting on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Austria and 21 other EU countries decided to set up collective large-scale tests involving automated vehicles. Issues to be addressed in the tests include truck platooning and vehicles driving on auto pilot through data communication with one another.

The countries will collaborate on tests with automated mini buses and valet parking, in urban and less populated areas. In addition, they are planning to work on mutual recognition of exemptions for tests on public roads. Currently, each country has its own exemption procedure that manufacturers need to go through before field-testing an autonomous vehicle.

The Member States have also emphasised the importance of brand-independent communication, so that data can be exchanged between all vehicles without any problem. The European automotive industry has pledged to ensure that by 2019, new vehicles will be able to communicate with one another in practice.

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