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65% of drivers would use automated parking solutions


German automotive supplier Bosch released the result of a study on automated driving last week. 6000 respondents in Germany, China, the USA, Japan, Brazil and France were asked about their attitudes towards several automated driving services and their impact on everyday life. In terms of services, 65% of all respondents indicated that they would prefer their automated car to park for them. There were however stark regional differences. Whereas 3 out of 4 Brazilians would make use of this service, only every other US-American driver would. Differences are similarly pronounced regarding taking over in traffic jams, where approval by Chinese respondents exceeds US-American support by 50%.

The study also found that two-thirds of drivers would use automated driving functions during long journeys and that people would use the extra time mostly for social activities. For the survey on automated driving, Bosch asked roughly 6,000 licensed drivers in six countries. Per country, 1,000 people aged 16 and up took part in the survey. Participants were selected on the basis of criteria defined by Bosch and Lightspeed Research.


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