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DRIVEN autonomous vehicle trials to start before Christmas


‘Innovate UK’-backed project DRIVEN recently announced that it will start trials of autonomous vehicles on London’s roads. The vehicles are expected to drive autonomously by Christmas of this year.

DRIVEN is organising the trials together with AXA XL and Nominet. AXA XL, a division of AXA, will be insuring the trial phase whereas Nominet will be responsible for the development of robust cyber security models for automated and connected driving. With these two partners on board, this trial is the most complex connected automated vehicle trial that has ever been attempted. The DRIVEN consortium, led by autonomous vehicle software provider Oxbotica, declared that the plan for DRIVEN is to start operating their autonomous vehicle fleet in 2019.

Nevertheless, during the trial phase, there will always be a fully qualified safety driver behind the steering wheel. Additionally, an engineer monitoring the vehicle’s functions will be present all the time.

DRIVEN benefits from an £8.6 million grant awarded by Innovate UK. It is a consortium of partners committed to insuring, ensuring and exporting fleet wide Level 4 connected autonomy. Bringing together dedicated specialists of the CAD sector, world-class innovators, key enablers, disseminators, and transport experts, DRIVEN is the most complex CAV trial that’s ever been attempted.

More information about the project can be found here.

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