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Drive2theFuture survey about acceptance of autonomous vehicles for different transport modes


EU project Drive2theFuture, funded under Horizon 2020 programme, undertakes a consumer survey to explore opinions about acceptance of autonomous vehicles for different transport modes. Every section of the survey begins with a description of what automation means for that mode, with simple illustrative examples and a short list of multiple-choice questions. The short online questionnaire is anonymous and introduces specific use cases in air, maritime, rail and road transport

The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to fill in and should be completed before 1st May 2020.

You can find Drive2theFuture online, available in 18 languages, here.

Drive2TheFuture aims to prepare drivers, travellers and vehicle operators to use connected, cooperative and automated (CCAD) modes while presenting the industry with wants and needs of CCAD users. To address these objectives, Drive2TheFuture will develop tools to promote and assess several alternative CCAD transport Use Cases and Human Machine Interface (HMI) for all transport modes and demonstrate them in twelve European pilot cities. By targeting all types of users Drive2TheFuture aims to better understand, simulate, regulate and optimise sustainable market introduction and digitalisation.

You are most welcome to disseminate the survey further in your network.

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