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CARTRE workshop on large-scale automation pilots


The European Commission, supported by the CARTRE consortium, organised a workshop on “large-scale automation pilots on public roads in Europe” on 16 December 2016 in Brussels.

The participants consisted of a number of representatives from countries who are currently running or very soon will run public road pilots with automated vehicles. The objective was to gain an overview of ongoing automated driving demonstration pilots across Europe and to understand common issues and concerns associated with such tests. By sharing the main challenges in enabling public road tests, as well as experiences and results so far, valuable insights were gained on how to leverage such pilots and demonstrations towards deployment.

Each country gave a description of its large-scale public road pilots activities or plans. The workshop then focussed on discussing different cooperation aspects such as commonalities, data, deployment barriers etc.

Presentations of ongoing large-scale public road pilots in different countries:

A summary of the meeting can be downloaded here

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