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California: toward the deployment of autonomous vehicles


The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) just announced a new set of regulations governing the driverless testing and public use of autonomous vehicles on California roads.

Despite self-driving car testing has been happening recently all around the world, especially in Europe and U.S., so far, it has been required that a trained pilot sits behind the wheel to take control at any moment. Under the new rules, in California, vehicle manufacturers can be allowed to test the cars without a physical human backup driver, although they must have a remote “communication link” to a human monitor who can take control immediately.

The new regulation, that goes into effect as from April 2018, makes also possible for car manufacturers to obtain permission for allowing the public to use their autonomous technology, which represents a major step toward the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

The new legislation conceives some important matters such as safety, insurance, and cyber security as those are some of the main public concerns when it comes to connected automated driving.



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