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On Wednesday, the second installment of the CAD webinar series took place. Facilitated by AUTOPILOT’s project coordinator François Fischer, the webinar explored how the Internet of Things (IoT) can progress automated driving.

François Fischer first situated the project in the wider landscape of European IoT research and presented key information about the project. Miodrag Djurica delved further into conceptual and operational concept of IoT for automated driving. Paul van Koningsbruggen argued that human behaviour is important to shape IoT solutions. Stella Nikolaou pointed out that IoT-driven approaches to automated driving may increase safety and thus user acceptance of new technologies.

The discussion explored a bit further, how AUTOPILOT, the only European project bridging IoT and automated driving, is pursuing its project objectives. It was pointed out that vehicles in AUTOPILOT will not only be an IoT device itself but also an IoT gateway in order connect to sensors and transform them into IoT objects in the cloud or in the vehicle. AUTOPILOT will also develop concrete business applications based on highly or fully automated vehicles, as, for instance, developing car/ride sharing applications for automated vehicles or to develop a new service in Versailles with automated vehicles for tourists.

Our first webinar, covering the FESTA methodology for research on CAD, can be found here. The recording of the AUTOPILOT webinar will be made available in short time as well. The presentations can already be accessed now.


Introduction into the AUTOPILOT Project (François Fischer, ERTICO)

Internet of Things for Automated Driving (Miodrag Djurica, TNO)

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of People (Paul van Koningsbruggen, Technolution)

Human Factors, Automated Driving and the Internet of Things (Stella Nikolaou, CERTH)


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