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CAD has the potential to improve road safety and contribute to decarbonisation


Raluca Marian, General Delegate of the IRU Permanent Delegation to the EU, shared her perspective on the CAD Knowledge Base in the latest edition of CAD VIP blog.

Speaking on CAD Knowledge Base, she expressed: “We often hear from our members about the importance of reliable and complete information on new technologies. The ARCADE CAD Knowledge Base is a platform for sharing such information with a view to facilitating the development of safe and workable automation solutions that meet existing challenges. It brings together valuable insights and is a useful tool for transport operators who wish to know more about the deployment or piloting of Connected Automated Driving (CAD).” 

She added: “CAD has the potential to improve road safety and contribute to decarbonisation, but we will only be able to maximise its benefits for society if all sectors are able to efficiently share experiences and quickly access information on regulation.”

Ms Marian underlined the importance of CAD Knowledge Base and its benefits. Speaking on the collaboration, she expressed: “We will continue to highlight the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing with and within the commercial road transport sector as we move towards the future of mobility.”

Every month, the CAD Knowledge Base VIP Blog gives one opinion leader in the field of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) the opportunity to share their perspective on the role of knowledge in the future of CAD.

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