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CAD can be a true game-changer for urban mobility. Let’s realise its full potential together!


Umberto Guida, Senior Director K&I at UITP, shared his perspective on the CAD Knowledge Base in the latest edition of the CAD VIP blog.

Speaking on the CAD Knowledge Base, he expressed: “Initiatives such as the ARCADE CAD Knowledge Base are vital when seeking to tackle the challenges that our sector faces when it comes to automation. Being a one-stop-shop for knowledge, experience and data on Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM), the CAD Knowledge Base gathers input from the entire sector, ensuring we work together to reach the full potential automation has to offer.”

He added:” Because while different interests might be at stake, creating a common vision for CAD is the only way we ensure the development of automation solutions that are safe, sustainable, and inclusive.”

Mr. Guida underlined the importance of CAD Knowledge Base as a vital measure to enhance collaboration. Speaking on collaboration, he expressed: “Developing the right technologies is essential. But maybe what’s even more important is what we do with them, and how we work together to create better mobility for all.”

Every month, the CAD Knowledge Base VIP Blog gives one opinion leader in the field of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) the opportunity to share their perspective on the role of knowledge in the future of CAD.

To read the latest CAD VIP Blog, click here.

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