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CAD at the Future of Transportation World Conference


The Future of Transportation World Conference 2019 took place in Vienna and gathered more than 200 speakers across nine different streams to discuss future mobility solutions from 2020 to 2040 and beyond. The extreme theme ‘Do or Die’ of this year underlines the conference’s vision to overcome issues of gridlock and under capacity in transportation networks. In a few years, the shift from individual car ownership creates new opportunities in the MaaS area. Conference founder Tony Robison, therefore, recognizes the need to move from transportation on the ground to commercial air transportation by using robo-taxis and drones.

Projects partner FIA Region I presented at the Future of Transport World Conference results on user acceptance evaluation, emerging out of the EU Projects AUTOPILOTL3Pilot and ARCADE. Recent surveys highlight some important levels of user acceptance, i.e. awareness about the capabilities of the developed technologies, information about their working, and the concerns regarding vehicle data control and privacy. Through assessing people’s readiness to adopt automated vehicles, the presented research shows that users welcome overall the idea of automation while expressing their wish to be better informed.

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