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BSI Launches CAV Standards Programme


The British Standards Institution (BSI) has partnered with the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, The Department for Transport, Innovate UK and Zenzic to launch a standardisation programme that will support the safe deployment of connected and automated vehicles. The aim of the programme is to provide guidance and technical standards that will accelerate the successful deployment of automated vehicles as well as promote the UK’s capabilities in CAV testing and design.

The anticipated benefits of driverless technology include increased productivity, fewer collisions due to driver error, reduced congestion, and inclusive mobility services. The CAV programme will direct emerging technical conversations and promote UK leadership and influence through international standards development. By involving all relevant stakeholders, BSI has established a cross-stakeholder advisory board to determine where the industry needs standards. It will consider standardisation across areas such as safety, advanced testing, cybersecurity, data, human factors, CAV infrastructure and the deployment of automated vehicle services. The first two deliverables will relate to the safety of automated vehicle development and testing.

Future of Mobility Minister, Michael Ellis, said: “Self-driving vehicles have the potential to transform the way we travel, helping improve road safety while creating economic benefits. The introduction of these new standards will ensure safety remains our top priority, as we work to accelerate the successful introduction of exciting pioneering technology.”

Read more about the programme here.

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