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Big step towards autonomous driving in Austria


ASFINAG predicts that Austria’s motor- and expressways will be equipped with Wi-Fi for vehicle communication until 2023. ASFING is an Austrian federal corporation which plans, finances, builds, maintains and collects tolls for the Austrian motorways.

The preparation for the project will start early next year and it aims to install a C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) system with up to 500 Wi-Fi-Boxes all over the country. Volkswagen has announced to implement the new Wi-Fi–technology in its next motor vehicle series. It is expected that others car manufacturers will follow. The launch of semi-automatic driving in truck convoys is discussed as well.

The collected data will be sent to ASFINAG to provide update to traffic participants along the route. The purpose is mainly to keep the roads safe. An on-board computer will inform users about lane restrictions, construction sites, speed limits, breakdowns or accidents. Furthermore, the distribution of existing technologies can help to introduce and establish future technologies. The Wi-Fi is already being used in the Vienna and Graz area as well as on ASFINAG warning trailers. Read more here (in German).

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