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AUTOPILOT: CTAG trials self-driving technologies on the streets of Vigo


Spain’s Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG) trials self-driving technologies, tested in the streets of the Spanish city Vigo, to create a simulation of an urban environment in metropolitan areas. The trials are part of the AUTOPILOT project which develops services to bring together automated driving and IoT. The project has six pilot cities, has started in January 2017 and is now entering the more advanced project stage.

CTAG and French car manufacturer Groupe PSA collaborate to test IoT and V2X technologies on autonomous driving to reinforce the creation a smart and sustainable city. The Vigo project supplements to the already conducted tests of the Groupe PSA and aims to test casual autonomous driving, optimal speed regulation when approaching a traffic light, the protection of vulnerable users and automated valet parking systems. Further tests are listed on the agenda.

Managing Director of CTAG and project leader, Luis Moreno, said: “The AUTOPILOT project is enhancing CTAG’s research strategy and strengthening its position as a leading European centre for the development of smart vehicles. It is also consolidating our strategic partnership with Groupe PSA in the area of connected, autonomous driving.”

Read more about the AUTOPILOT project and trials in Vigo here.

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