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Autonomous vehicle trials to arrive in the Middle East


The Middle East is one of the few world regions, where the flurry of Automated Driving trials has not yet taken off full. A recent report by the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative did list Tel Aviv as an innovative hub for urban mobility solutions, but this has been the exception to the rule. This is now set to change. Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, has announced to open its roads to autonomous driving trials this year. This decision is expected to be accompanied by a legislative initiative to allow semi-autonomous and autonomous driving on Dubai’s roads.

When tests with automated bus shuttles, the first in Dubai’s history, where conducted last year, the European prototype experienced problems with the different climate on the Arab peninsula. This is why the global spread of pilot sites is a fundamentally important part in advancing automated driving solutions. Another extreme case is the Finnish Aurora project, which is located North of the polar circle.


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