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Autonomous shuttles in Lyon


French autonomous driving systems company NAVYA is launching self-driving shuttles in the Lyon metropolitan area, and integrating them into the public transport network. The shuttle’s route consists of a dense urban traffic environment and addresses various major technical challenges along the way.

The service, developed in collaboration with SYTRAL and public transport operator Keolis, is part of the AVENUE (Autonomous Vehicles to Evolve to a New Urban Experience) – HORIZON 2020 funded European project, which aims to develop autonomous vehicles in European cities. Demonstrators sites under the AVENUE project include: Lyon, Luxembourg , Geneva and Copenhagen.

The 1.4 km route taken by the self-driving shuttles is located in a complex city traffic environment which is used by thousands of vehicles each day. Furthermore, the service addresses challenges such as traffic lights, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. The service will run at an average speed of 13-15 km/h, with the goal to eventually increase the speed to 20-25 km/h. NAVYA’s autonomous shuttles plans to be fully integrated within the city of Lyon’s public transport network (France’s second-largest public transport network) and to offer a regular service operated from Monday to Saturday within the next two years.

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