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Annual symposium on the future networked car


How are the automotive and ICT industries advancing in the field of automated and connected vehicles? What are the long-term implications for both industries?  What are the business, technological and regulatory issues still to be tackled before automated and connected vehicles hit the road in large volumes? These will be some of the key questions discussed by representatives of the two industries, governments, regulators and consumers at the Symposium on the Future Networked Car convened by UNECE and ITU on 9 March 2017 in the framework of the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.

An executive roundtable hosting representatives of regulatory authorities and industry associations will highlight the governance challenges borne of the convergence of the automotive and ICT industries and potential benefits that these technologies could bring, if carefully introduced in the global transportation system.

A specific session will address the relationship between vehicle communications and automated driving. The symposium will review the latest activities related to cybersecurity and data protection; and explore the role to be played by artificial intelligence and machine learning in future transport systems.

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