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ACEA released EU Roadmap for Truck Platooning


The document provides an overview of the steps that are necessary to implement multi-brand platooning before 2025. This roadmap shows when, and under which conditions, truck platooning can be introduced according to Europe’s truck manufacturers, provided that certain conditions are met – some of which are beyond the control of the truck industry

To achieve by 2023 the possibility to drive across Europe on motorways (thus crossing national borders) with multi-brand platoons, without needing any specific exemptions, the roadmap sets four stages:

  1. Monobrand platooning: trucks from the same brand form a platoon
  2. Multibrand platooning (up to SAE level 2) with the driver still ready to intervene
  3. Driver of a trailing truck can rest
  4. Full autonomous trucks (starting with driver in the lead truck)

The roadmap considers communication with infrastructure and other road users as enabling technology, whereas truck manufacturers must develop and introduce the multibrand platooning technology.

At the policy level, regulatory changes and enabling policy measures will be required, with support of the national and EU authorities to support and facilitate cross-border testing across Europe, together with the review of the regulatory framework (UNECE, EU and MS) and market incentives to stimulate uptake of truck platooning.

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