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A vision on future mobility


CLEPA, one of the ARCADE project partner, published on 19 September a paper, called ‘Future as we move. Shaping solutions for mobility’, which presents vision of the European automotive suppliers sector on the future of mobility. CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, represents companies supplying state-of-the-art components and innovative technology for safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

The paper aims to support and reinforce the ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders on how to shape future mobility. Furthermore, it highlights strategies deployed to reduce road casualties and limit the environmental impact of people and goods transport, benefiting the potential of vehicles connectivity and automation. The vision paper describes four main pillars of transformation in the coming years and decades, demonstrating that mobility will be:

  • Safe, to ensure zero casualties on the road by 2050
  • Sustainable, with increased electrification and a minimised environmental impact
  • Smart, enabling connectivity and autonomous driving
  • Powered by a competitive industry, strengthening European technology leadership

To find more information about CLEPA’s vision of the future of mobility, visit their website and read the full paper.

Photo Copyright: CLEPA

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