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A study on the symbols used for advanced driving assistance systems


In an effort to contribute to the design guidelines of automated vehicles provided to manufacturers, so as to improve road safety, a research project is being conducted at the Institute for Transport Studies of the University of Leeds (U.K.). After a first study, the research team is now looking to gather a large number of responses from drivers around the globe to their online survey in order to assess the appropriateness of certain symbols used for advanced driving assistance systems.

Their first study, entitled ‘Applying Participatory Design to Symbols for SAE Level 2 Automated Driving Systems’, had drivers drawing and discussing the symbols used to inform them of the activity of advanced driving assistance systems inside their vehicle. The insight gained suggested that vehicles are in need for harmonisation, as some of these symbols were judged inappropriate and unlikely to be recognised by everyday drivers.

Please consider contributing to this research by taking the survey which is available in English, French and Spanish.

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