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Intelligent Transport’s webinar – “What’s next for connected supply chain logistics?”

18.02.2021 - 10:22 to 10:22

Intelligent Transport is hosting a webinar on connected supply chain logistics and mobility in the “new normal”.

Global businesses are under pressure to enhance customer service while streamlining costs and in particular processes now more than ever. This increases pressure on their internal transport operations and their logistics service providers, who are continuously looking for ways to maximise fleet utilisation, reduce costs and streamline their transport operations.

Fleet management, telematics and route planning/scheduling solutions have all had a big impact supporting these objectives. Moreover, introducing electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and mobility solutions further contributes to these ambitions; sending delivery & schedule details alongside vehicle information directly to the drivers handheld device saves time both on route, in pre-departure and at the end of shift activities in the transport office.

To discover what else needs to be done to streamline processes and deliver truly contactless transport operation, you can attend the webinar.

More information and registration link available here.

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