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Presentation of the Greek-Turkish cross border corridor: activities & objectives


This webinar is organised to present the main objectives and activities of the Greek-Turkish Cross-Border Corridor of 5G-MOBIX.

The session will provide an overview of the corridor along with the challenges addressed; it will also be the occasion to exchange information regarding the 5G network infrastructure and features, the automated control of the vehicles as well as the rest of the developments and deployments (OBU/RSU/Application) that will enable the GR-TR trials.

The user stories designed for “Platooning with see-what-I-see functionality” and “Assisted Border Crossing” will be explained, summarising the work made so far by the consortium in the Greek-Turkish Cross-Border Corridor but also presenting next steps.

The webinar will end with an interactive session and a dedicated slot of 20 minutes for Q&A. To know more information on agenda click here and to register for the event click here.

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