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EU-EIP Roadmap for Automated Driving – Road Operators Perspective workshop

online webinar

The EU-EIP project is hosting a virtual workshop: “Roadmap for Automated Driving” on 30 September 2020, 09.30 CET – 15.30 CET, which will focus on the actions to be carried out by road authorities and operators to facilitate automated driving for the next 10 years.

Target audience – European road operators and authorities. The focus will be on highways but the broader scope will be included to some extent.

Aims of the workshop:

  • One of the most prominent developments in road transport is automation.
  • The introduction of automated functions in vehicles has already started. The number of equipped vehicles is expected to grow and there are promises that the functions will become more and more advanced.
  • Stakeholders need to consider their position on automation. What is their vision, what are their interests and options? What can and should they practically do to prepare?

The EU EIP project considers these kinds of questions from the point of view of road authorities and operators and is setting up a roadmap document. Other initiatives are asking these questions as well; this is a continuous effort since the field of automation is constantly evolving. The EU EIP work, and this interactive event, will focus on the actions to be carried out by road authorities and operators to facilitate automated driving, especially during the next 10 years. The actions focus especially in the adaptations in physical and digital road infrastructures, aiming for optimal benefit/cost of the actions.

The final draft Road Map is now online, written by the consortium and discussed with many stakeholders in the CCAM community. The workshop will be used as an opportunity for final inputs to this document, and contribute to the continuing joined exploration towards clean, safe and efficient connected, cooperative and automated mobility. In this interactive workshop, a focus will be on actions, recommendations and conclusions described on page 62 onwards.

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