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Cenex-CAM Seminar: The leading innovators in UK CAM

16.11.2020 - 15:09 to 15:09

Zenzic was created by government and industry to focus on key areas of UK capability in the global connected and self-driving sector. Zenzic is leading the move to a self-driving future. By enabling industry, government and academia to come together, ZENZIC is shaping the connected and self-driving ecosystem.

You can join Zenzic and Plug and Play on 19 November, as they are showcasing leading innovator in UK CAM at this year’s Cenex-CAM virtual event. Dr Richard Porter, Technology and Innovation Director at Zenzic and Kieran Borrett from Plug & Play where they will be discussing the SMEs and corporate partners working together and unveiling the shortlist.

You can have a look at the agenda and register for the event here.

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